The Thetis Island Quarterly

The first issue of "the Q" came out in the Fall of 1990, as a newsletter of the Community Association. Since then, it has become an island institution - a "letter from home", a notice-board, a glimpse into the community's past, and a record for the curious in another 20 or 50 years. It started as 4 sheets (8 pages), and has now settled at the postally economic 32 pages it is today. Although its official circulation numbers are low, it is mailed all over the world, and here on the island it's kept on hand for the full three months until the next issue, thanks to the very local tide tables on the back cover.

  • How to Contribute Articles

    The Quarterly is published on or around the 1st of March, June, September and December of each year, to highlight the people and activities of Thetis Island. The editor reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, brevity or taste. Substantial edits must be approved by the author before going to print.
    The deadline for all submissions is roughly 3 weeks prior to the publication date (i.e. Feb. 7th - Spring issue, May 10th - Summer issue, Aug. 10th- Fall issue, and Nov. 10th - Winter issue.)
    Electronic submissions are preferred, and should be sent to the Editor at Or, the mailing address is Box 6-15, Thetis Island, V0R 2Y0

  • Past Issues

    Past issues of the Quarterly are normally available in electronic form only, although there is a small archive of print versions if you would care to inquire. In order to encourage subscription, past issues are only made available after the lapse of a year. The cost for the electronic version is then $1 per issue, and for the print version (if available) it is $2.50 per issue. These can be purchased through the T.I.C.A. Shop.