The Thetis Island Library

is situated in the Hunter Room of Forbes Hall.

Manned hours:

Saturdays from 10 AM to 1 PM, and
Sundays from 1 PM to 4 PM.

Books may be returned at any time through the drop slot beside the door on the south corner of the building.

About the Library

The Thetis Island library is an especially good one for a community population that is so small. Because the library itself is not a dedicated one, that is, it shares a room that is multi-purpose, its hours are limited. During the "official" hours (listed above) we have a roster of islanders, Friends of the Library, who are in attendance. They are there to help in any way to make borrowing materials convenient, and on Sundays, the Friend serves tea and goodies for anyone who drops in. This is a popular event and there is always a group having tea and exchanging stories with their neighbours. There is also a high speed Internet connection in the library and islanders are welcome to use it.

       Chatting with friends at the Sunday Library Tea

       The Hunter Room is also used for informal meetings

Library materials may also be borrowed at other times when the Hall is open for other activities. Borrowers have their own check-out sheets and they are expected to record books and movies before taking them away. There is no set time for keeping materials but we assume that they will be returned in a reasonable time frame. If materials are returned during library hours, they should be checked off on the borrower’s sheet. There is a drop slot by the door nearest the tennis court for things to be returned at any time.

If you would like to do volunteer work at the library, we would be glad to add you to the Friends. For any information you need, you can phone me at 246-5330.

Sandy Alexandre