The Volunteers...

In a community without a municipal framework and only a couple of paid employees, if we want something done, we just do it. Here are the names and contact information for the people who keep the Community Association and its affiliated activities going:

The Library
Librarian: Celine Valestrand 250-246-4349
Scheduling: Myla Frankel 250-246-2099
The Quarterly
Editors: Veronica Shelford 250-246-1509 Email
Carol Sowerby 250-246-4042 Email
Ads - Billing: Coleen Sexsmith-Gagnon 250-246-9494 Email
Ads - Design Veronica Shelford 250-246-1509 Email
  & Layout: Carol Sowerby 250-246-4042 Email
Circulation: Nan Beals 250-246-4944
Staff: Teresa Moore 250-246-2557
The T.I.C.A. Executive Board
TICA email:
Vice-President: Ron Bannister 250-246-9753
Treasurer: Matt Hess 250-246-9445
Carolyn Askew 250-246-1518
Theresa Elsie 250-732-9025
Arthur Hunter 250-416-5073
Don Sinclair 250-246-4291
Dee Smith, Membership 250-246-9770
Celine Valestrand 250-246-4349
the Forbes Hall Manager
Anne-Marie Koeppen 250-246-1991 Email