Cufra Cottage, Thetis Island, B.C.

Cufra Cliffs B&B and the deck garden      Cufra Cliffs "Cottage" is a private self-contained guest wing, that shares a deck garden with the main house, as well as having its own private balcony. The "cottage" is built on an open plan, with the living and dining areas and the kitchenette all part of the main room. The floor and trim were made with wood cut from the property.
     The living room has a woodstove as well as electric heat, and if needed, the couch is a double sized Hide-a-bed. The cabin does not have a kitchen or major appliances, but there is a small kitchenette area with an under-counter bar fridge, kettle, toaster oven, microwave oven and coffee-maker, and there is a gas barbeque on the common deck near the hot tub. Cufra Cliffs B&B living-dining room
The dining room at Cufra Cliffs B&B, Thetis Island, BC       The dining area of the cottage is in a nest of windows, looking west from the north end of Thetis, over to the hills and mountains of Vancouver Island. The sunsets are magnificent!
      The bathroom (with shower) is charmingly cool and clean.

The bathroom at Cufra Cliffs "Cottage", Thetis Island, BC
a fish-eye-lens view of the bedroom of Cufra Cottage, Thetis Island, BC
     The bedroom has a comfortable Queen-sized bed, and cooling breezes from the north in summer.
The hot-tub at Cufra Cliffs B&B, Thetis Island, BC       Not the least of the attractions of this delightful spot, is a hot-tub built out at the edge of the cliff, where you can luxuriate in the midst of heart-catching natural beauty.
      The Gulf Islands generally have what is called a mediterranian-type climate, and in the summers that can sometimes mean very hot and dry. We have recently added an above-ground swimming pool, to relax in on those hot days when the tide isn't convenient for swimming in the sea, or you're just feeling too lazy to drive down to the waterfront. The swimming pool at Cufra Cliffs B&B, Thetis Island, BC
The swimming pool and fire suppression reservoir at Cufra Cliffs B&B, Thetis Island, BC       Another important reason for having a pool is a greater sense of security during the hot, dry "fire season" in B.C. Perched as we are, 300 feet above the shoreline, having an easily accessible reservoir of water in case of fire is a major advantage. The house and decks have an outdoor sprinkler system linked to the pool, so that the whole complex can be kept damp and cool if there is fire about.
British Columbia is well-known as a gardener's paradise. Here are some shots of the deck garden....

Late summer bloom in the deck garden, Cufra Cliffs, Thetis Island, BC
A swallowtail on the osteospermum, deck garden, Cufra Cliffs, Thetis Island, BC
Canterbury Bells beside a deck chair, Cufra Cliffs, Thetis Island, BC
A hanging basket by the edge of the main deck, Cufra Cliffs, Thetis island, BC

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